Saturday, January 8, 2011

Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos - The Prosthetic Cubans (1998)

1. Aurora En Pekin 5:31
2. Aqui Como Alla 4:51
3. Como Se Goza En El Barrio 3:29
4. Postizo 4:55
5. No Me Llores Mas 5:39
6. Los Teenagers Bailan Changui 4:49
7. Fiesta En El Solar (LP Version) 5:05
8. La Vida Es Un Sueño 3:30
9. Esclavo Triste 6:06
10. Chosterio Plena 2:46 

Let´s gonna try with something different. The eclectic guitarist Marc Ribot, in one of his uncountable works and collaborations, recorded this album with The Prosthetic Cubans. A really enjoyable record of jazz/rock full of latin rythms and a brilliant guitar work. I hope you like it, despite it is not the usual stuff that you can find here.

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