Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mavis Staples - We´ll Never Turn Back (2007)

1. Down In Mississippi
2. Eyes On The Prize
3. We Shall Not Be Moved
4. In The Mississippi River
5. On My Way
6. This Little Light
7. 99 And 1/2
8. My Own Eyes
9. Turn Me Around
10. We'll Never Turn Back
11. I'Ll Be Rested
12. Jesus Is On The Main Line

 An outstanding work of southern soul, with the gorgeous voice of Mavis Staples and the excellent work at the guitars of Ry Cooder (Captain Beefheart, Taj Mahal, Rolling Stones...). Political lyrics for an american roots music with tones of feeling, and this essential touch of southern sound. Don´t be afraid, open your mind, and enjoy this fantastic record.

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