Monday, January 30, 2012

Mark Lanegan - Blues Funeral (2012)

01. The Gravedigger’s Song
02. Bleeding Muddy Water
03. Gray Goes Black
04. St Louis Elegy
05. Riot In My House
06. Ode To Sad Disco
07. Phantasmagoria Blues
08. Quiver Syndrome
09. Harborview Hospital
10. Leviathan
11. Deep Black Vanishing Train
12. Tiny Grain Of Truth

Yeah! One of the most anticipated albums for this 2012 is already here. And I have to say that at first listening it sounds a little bit..."dark wave"? Listening songs as "ode to sad disco", "harborview hospital" or "gray goes black" it looks like if you were listening Peter Murphy, or bands as Trembling Blue Stars. This is not bad, because the voice of mr.Lanegan still being here. His immense voice and highlights as "st louis elegy", "phantasmagoria blues" or "deep black vanishing train" make this album, once again, a jewel, and surely, from now on, one of the best albums of this year. I let you proudly with Mark Lanegan and his band. 

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kilju - Cosmic Satan EP (2012)

01. Cold Served Goddamn Revenge 02:54
02. Ultimate Spuge 03:14
03. Serpents 04:38
04. Hellforce (The Suffering) 03:48
05. End Ov Elite 02:07
06. Glory Ov Cosmic Satan 04:59

From the cold Finland an excellent work of black/death/punk. You know, nothing new but...
Super enjoyable album! Ugh!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Buckethead - Electric Sea (2012)

01.Electric Sea
02.Beyond the Knowing
03. Swomee Swan
04.Point Doom
05.El Indio
06.La Wally
07. La Gavotte
10 .Gateless Gate
11.The Homing Beacon

The guitar hero known as Buckethead, introduces to us a diferent work. This is not the typical guitar-virtuoso album. Obviously, behind the guitars, there is an outstanding work, but I feel this work much more experimental than another thing. Quite and atmospheric in general, combinig acoustic with electric guitars. Nice surprise.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seven That Spells - Future Retro Spam (2010)

1.- Olympus 8:44
2.- G 8:24
3.- Terminus East 5:03
4.- The Abondoned World Of Automata 14:30
5.- Death Star Narcolepsy 9:42
6.- Quetzalcoaltl 3:06

Crazy work of psychedilc rock and jazz -jam spirit. If I had to describe this album in one work I´d say acid! Besides they incorporate a saxo, wich is always a very interesting thing and gives to the music that touch...
Delicious piece of music!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

The attack to Megaupload

As you know, I had all my links at Megaupload, so they are all dead. Despite this treacherous attack to want I understand that is our freedom, I can say only that this blog will continue ahead. I will find other servers, and the music will keep going around for everyone. From my indignation, a warm regards.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zechs Marquise - Getting Paid (2011)

01. Getting Paid
02. Lock Jaw Night Vision
03. Static Lovers
04. The Heat, The Drought, The Thirst, and The Insanity
05. Time Masters
06. Guajira
07. Everlasting Beacon of Light
08. Crushin’ It!
09. Mega Slap

Although this sounds odd at first listening, it is a really light album, I mean, easy to listen it.  A diferent proposal, sometimes psychedelic, sometimes progressive, sometimes funky and always very enjoyable. All yours.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gillian Welch - Hell Among The Yearlings (1998)

01. Caleb Meyer
02. Good Til Now
03. The Devil Had A Hold Of Me
04. My Morphine
05. One Morning
06. Miner's Refrain
07. Honey Now
08. I'm Not Afraid To Die
09. Rock Of Ages
10. Whiskey Girl
11. Winter's Come and Gone 

One of the best female voices of the american folk/country music. A quiet work with a bunch of great songs. Enjoy it.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nekromantheon - Rise, Vulcan Spectre (2012)

01. Cast Down To The Void 04:16
02. Blood Wisdom 02:52
03. Embrace the Oracle 03:51
04. Coven of the Minotaur 04:04
05. The Usurper Command 04:37
06. Rise, Vulcan Spectre 03:58
07. Twelve Depths of Hades 03:49
08. Raised by Dogs 04:39

Second full-lenght of these thrashers. Following the line of their past works, we can find here an old school thrash or a blackened thrash, as you prefer. A kind of mix between the classics of the genre, Venom, Slayer, Sodom, the later Darkthrone... As many times I said, although it is nothing new, it stills being worthy. Enjoy it.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Teitanblood - Purging Tongues EP (2011)

1.- Purging Tongues 15:11

Apocalyptic new EP from one of the best bands of the underground. Dirty production, twisted music, and sermons that announce the end of the world. Certainly this is not for everyone. Awesome cover art by the way, and very good song. Teitanblood does not disappoint.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Karfagen - Lost Symphony (2011)

01. Entering the Space Gates (1:27)
02. Salvatore & His Leather Jackets (2:26)
03. Orgaria (scene 1) (1:07)
04. The Cosmic Frog & the Beast (6:47)
05. The China Wizard (3:43)
06. Sylph (4:29)
07. Daydream (2:59)
08. Orgaria (scene 2) (0:56)
09. Journey Through The Looking Glass (18:20)
10. Symphony of Sound (19:24)
11. Afterwords (2:24)

Amazing trip through the progressive soundscapes of these guys. A huge instrumental work of symphonic and progressive rock with a lot of guest musicians that enrich his music by using differents instruments. Here we can find both Pink Floyd as King Crimson just to name the most famous, but there are a lot of nuances to be discovered. Enjoy it!

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Monday, January 2, 2012

War Master - Pyramid Of The Necropolis (2011)

01. Mass Cremation
02. Into the Abysmal Fire
03. Cult of Greed
04. Ritualistic Carnage
05. Pyramid of the Necropolis
06. Circuit Death
07. Sadistic Force
08. Monolith

We´re gonna start the new year with some of old school death metal. The Bolt Thrower fans really will enjoy this work, because War Master have his reference in them. This means a death metal with fat and powerful sound, mainly mid times and a deep gutural voice. You know what you get here!

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