Monday, March 26, 2012

Kadavar - Kadavar (2012)

1 All Our Thoughts
2. Black Sun
3 Forgotten Past 
4 Goddess Of Dawn
5 Creature of the Demon
6 Purple Sage

In spite of its questionable vintage look, they are a current band! And what a band! they now how to sound like 70´s, and they do it more than well. Rock, some of traditional doom and psychedelia, following the stream of bands like Graveyard or Witchcraft with the best quality possible. A safe bet if you like that kind of delights. Enjoy it!

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sigh - In Somniphobia (2012)

01. Purgatorium (4:48)
02. The Transfiguration Fear (4:51)
03. Opening Theme: Lucid Nightmare (1:58)
04. Somniphobia (7:34)
05. L’excommunication a Minuit (5:38)
06. Amnesia (8:10)
07. Far Beneath The In-Between (7:10)
08. Amongst The Phantoms (9:31)
09. Ending Theme: Continuum (1:42)
10. Fall To The Thrall (5:17)
11. Equale (8:00)

The best cover art of this year so far. Fantastic as the album as well. It´s been a long time since they started playing black metal. They have evolved until their current sound, wich is a mix of progressive, avant-garde and some of that black metal of the beginning. Crazy work with a lot of changes and countless shades. This is the kind of albums that needs more than three or four listenings to get into it, but it´s worth to try it.  

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