Sunday, January 30, 2011

Widowland - Widowland (2011)

01. Firehouse 3:29
02. Kaleidoscope 6:38
03. Labyrinth 9:07
04. Volcano 5:46
05. Myth 5:33
06. Orthodox 5:01

Another excelent album for the new year. The whole album is awsome, combining the doom and stoner parts perfectly with some other heavy moments (Maiden´s spirit prowling around). It has a sort of swedish style as bands as Witchcraft, but they come from Russia! Really good discovery, don´t let it go!

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Carburetors - Pain Is Temporary, Glory Is Forever (2004)

01 Intro
02 Burning rubber
03 Allright, allright
04 Highway of rock 'n' roll
05 God damn (It's good to be right)
06 Fire it up
07 Goin' down
08 The presidents
09 Frontpage babe
10 She's got the touch
11 Get in line
12 All alone
13 Burnout
14 Fast forward rock 'n' roll
15 Getaway (Kiss) (Bonus track)
16 Chinese rock (The Ramones) (Bonus track)
17 Grinder (Live) (Judas Priest) (Bonus track)

Rock´n´roll from Norway with people of Chrome Division. What we get here? hard rock in norwegian style, it means, a dirty garage rock with a punk spirit, like Peter Pan SpeedRock, Chrome Division, Motörhead... an energetic record full of epic chorus! Very good stuff.  

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Villains - Lifecode Of Decadence (2009)

01. Lifecode of Decadence
02. Headless Excruciator
03. On the Prowl
04. Scumbag Preacher
05. Crawl to the Cave
06. Overdriven Lust
07. Necks in the Noose
08. Blacklisted

Old School stuff! From thrash  metal to black or hardcore sonirities, following the path of the latests works of Darkthrone, Dishammer, etc. Every song sounds diferent, and this fact makes this album very easy to listen.  Good compositions, dirty production and bad attitude.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Thumlock - Emerald Liquid Odyssey (2000)

1.- Rockin´Course  3:09
2.- Etherel Blue 7:08
3.- Water 4:52
4.- Tramp The Charger 4:10
5.- Doom Lord Dying 3:59
6.- Emeral Liquid Odyssey 5:06
7.- Zygocact 7:09
8.- Railroad The Sunset 4:58
9.- Planet Neptune 10:23

Wow!!! This is one of those albums that you meet by accident, and it is a bloody marvel! Heavy stoner from australia, influenced (of course) by Kyuss, Black Sabbath, etc. I think it´s worthless to say anything else. You must listen this outstanding album.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Don Juan Matus - Más Allá Del Sol Poniente (2010)

01. Bajo la sombra del arbol de la vida y la muerte 01:16
02. Kadath / Mas alla del sol poniente 06:03
03. Ectoplasma 02:16
04. Mundo alterno 06:41
05. Visiones paganas 02:20
06. Summerland 04:58
07. Espejismos 04:41
08. Verde nocturno / Las horas azules (Version) 05:58

Magnific third album of these peruan doomers. Down-tempo sonorities but with a little touch of psychedelia and ethnic parts. It´s worth to point out too the excellent work of the guitars, specially in the solo parts. If you like Reino Ermitaño and similar bands, you ´ll enjoy this album.

*sorry, I cannot find videos for that record.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mavis Staples - We´ll Never Turn Back (2007)

1. Down In Mississippi
2. Eyes On The Prize
3. We Shall Not Be Moved
4. In The Mississippi River
5. On My Way
6. This Little Light
7. 99 And 1/2
8. My Own Eyes
9. Turn Me Around
10. We'll Never Turn Back
11. I'Ll Be Rested
12. Jesus Is On The Main Line

 An outstanding work of southern soul, with the gorgeous voice of Mavis Staples and the excellent work at the guitars of Ry Cooder (Captain Beefheart, Taj Mahal, Rolling Stones...). Political lyrics for an american roots music with tones of feeling, and this essential touch of southern sound. Don´t be afraid, open your mind, and enjoy this fantastic record.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Total Devastation - Honour The Disorder (2008)

01. High On War
02. Nation Of Rats
03. We Want To Believe
04. White Water
05. Denied
06. What Remains
07. Bend In Shape
08. Oblivion
09. Honour The Disorder

Fourth album of this finnish band. Sounds based on swedish death, especially the guitars, but a with a touch of industrial metal and a bit of sludge sonorities. It sounds powerful, compact and raging. Highlights "nation of rats", a punch in the face!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

General Chaos - Calamity Circus (2010)

01. Speech 02:09
02. Black Belt 03:21
03. Second to None 03:21
04. Trailer 00:47
05. Screen Berets 02:39
06. Kingsize Overdose 02:17
07. Calamity Circle 03:32
08. Swedeheart 02:33
09. Incessantly 03:06
10. Powder Monkey 03:17
11. Black as Disease 05:23

 Groove metal with thrash flavours from Germany, full of crushings guitar riffs (ex Dew-Scented at guitar) and a fat sound that hooks you at first listening. Good production and nice cover as well.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yurei - Working Class Demon (2010)

01. Brukket 4:55
02. Your black waters 6:38
03. The bird of dread 4:40
04. Steamhead 5:21
05. Velvet demon 4:54
06. Bleeding through carving ghost 7:12
07. I am champagne 5:12
08. Suicide shitcom 5:09
09. Vendetta 6:18
10. The last wave 5:30
11. Phantom lodge 4:50

Weird work of these norwegian musicians. Think about Virus, Umbra Nihil, Ephel Duath, and you´ll konw of what I´m talking about. In spite of the rare soundscapes, the album doesn´t make boring and can be heard very well. Give it a chance.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos - The Prosthetic Cubans (1998)

1. Aurora En Pekin 5:31
2. Aqui Como Alla 4:51
3. Como Se Goza En El Barrio 3:29
4. Postizo 4:55
5. No Me Llores Mas 5:39
6. Los Teenagers Bailan Changui 4:49
7. Fiesta En El Solar (LP Version) 5:05
8. La Vida Es Un Sueño 3:30
9. Esclavo Triste 6:06
10. Chosterio Plena 2:46 

Let´s gonna try with something different. The eclectic guitarist Marc Ribot, in one of his uncountable works and collaborations, recorded this album with The Prosthetic Cubans. A really enjoyable record of jazz/rock full of latin rythms and a brilliant guitar work. I hope you like it, despite it is not the usual stuff that you can find here.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coroner - No More Color (1989)

1. Die by My Hand 03:46
2. No Need to Be Human 04:31
3. Read My Scars 04:32
4. D.O.A. 04:19
5. Mistress of Deception 04:57
6. Tunnel of Pain 04:30
7. Why it Hurts 03:47
8. Last Entertainment 04:00

A classic inside the genere. Old school thrash, with the amazing guitar work of Tommy Baron and the quality of Marquis Marky at drums. A diferent way of play thrash, more experimental and progressive than most. A must have album!

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Earth - Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light I (2011)

01. Old Black 08:49
02. Father Midnight 12:11
03. Descent to the Zenith 07:30
04. Hell’s Winter 11:32
05. Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I 20:24

Yes!!! At last! One of the most anticipated albums of the year to me.  It seems that it follows the path of their past two albums, closer to "The Bees Made...", with his hipnotic slow-country soundscapes, and in this occasion I have to say that this record also seems to be more "accessible", wich does not mean that it is an easy-listening work, but easier digestion. I think that this work will accomplish the expectations. We will see... enjoy it!

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Mark Lanegan - Live At Leeds, Brudenell Social Club (2010)

01. Field Song
02. One Way Street
03. No East Action
04. Miracle
05. River Rise
06. Little Willie John
07. Don’t Forget Me
08. Can’t Catch The Train
09. Message to Mine
10. Mirrored
11. Resurrection Song
12. Julia Dream
13. 100 Days
14. Jesus’ Program
15. When Your Number Isn’t Up
16. Hangin’ Tree 

Live show belonging to his recent tour in 2010. What can I say? Mr.Lanegan alone with an acoustic guitar, wich means that we can enjoy much yet his amazing voice. I could see him on this tour and I´ve to say that It was one of the best shows of the last year, and one of the best male voices that I ever heard live. A good choice to begin this new year.

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