Monday, January 24, 2011

Thumlock - Emerald Liquid Odyssey (2000)

1.- Rockin´Course  3:09
2.- Etherel Blue 7:08
3.- Water 4:52
4.- Tramp The Charger 4:10
5.- Doom Lord Dying 3:59
6.- Emeral Liquid Odyssey 5:06
7.- Zygocact 7:09
8.- Railroad The Sunset 4:58
9.- Planet Neptune 10:23

Wow!!! This is one of those albums that you meet by accident, and it is a bloody marvel! Heavy stoner from australia, influenced (of course) by Kyuss, Black Sabbath, etc. I think it´s worthless to say anything else. You must listen this outstanding album.

*Link in comments



  2. This is a great album - as you say, Heavy Stoner.

  3. Oh my god! you know Thumlock!! I can´t believe it...

  4. pues claro karlam! q te pensabas q todo iba a ser doom o thrash o death... también hay sitio para el buen stoner!!!! saludo tío!


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