Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Trash Talk - Eyes & Nines (2010)

1. Vultures
2. Flesh & Blood
3. Explode
4. Harsh Wednesday
5. Envy
6. Rabbit Holes
7. I Do
8. Trudge
9. On A Fix
10. Eyes & Nines

Agressive, fast and short songs for one of the best albums of the last year in his genre. Mainly hardcore and thrash spirit although there is some sludge song. Pure adrenaline!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

NAPE - The Void Yukio (2011)

01. Humid Geometry 04:24
02. Blades at the Door 07:40
03. The Void Yukio 14:39
04. Trailing Random Artefacts 08:42
05. Ruthless Formation 05:45

Imagine the most alien parts of Meshuggah and mr.Thordendal, add to it some of the industrial heaviness of Godflesh, and a touch of jazz. This is NAPE. Interesting, instrumetal and experimental music. Do you wanna taste it? 

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Onna - Onna (2009)

01.- La Cortigiana Dal Velo
02.- Enfolding Your Breasts
03.- Were You To Become A Mother
04.- Le Chat Noir
05.- La Chanson
06.- Esther´s Make Up (live 1983)
07.- Balsam And Ether (live 1983)
08.- The Swan Song (live 1983)
09.- La Cortigiana Dal Velo (live 1983)
10.- Salamander, Salamandra

Keizo Myanishi is the manga artist behind this band. Together with Michio Kurihara at guitars, they created a really tripped out psychedellic music. This album is in fact a compilation: tracks 1-3 are from a 1983 7” (track 3 being an outtake), tracks 4-5 are outtakes from the “Katawa” album [2007], tracks 6-9 are live from 1983 (feat. Michio Kurihara on guitar!!), track 10 is a solo track from the cassette-only version of “Katawa”. Totally recomened if you like the most lysergic and psychodelic sounds. An evocative trip for your senses.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Serious Beak - Huxwhukw (2011)

1. Baxwbakwalanuksiwé 02:23
2. Han 08:17
3. Swagger 05:11
4. Gödel !Xun 02:40
5. Tuī / Tuō 07:23
6. Anhrefn 02:29
7. Sporãs 02:43
8. Lähendama 02:17
9. Fljóta 03:44
10. Taheu Nadryvy, Taheu! 04:33

Instrumental, progressive, experimental, talented compositions, excellent production, empathy... These are the australian Serious Beak. Another great surprise for this year. Really good album!
You can buy a copy here:

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Blue Aside - The Orange Tree EP (2010)

1. The Traveler Of Time And Space 5:23
2. Otis’ Sun 7:32
3. Orange Eyes 9:03
4. Black Rays 6:48
5. The Inevitable Journey 7:33

Is this the perfect mix between traditional doom, progressive rock, and psychedelia? If it´s not it´s very close. Excellent first EP of this band, which moves into Black Sabbath, Pentagram, and Pynk Floyd sound, being as a result this wondeful work. Really fresh record in these times of musical saturation.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

466/64 / Under Vultures - split (2011)

Label request.
This is the first reference of the label Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records. 466/64 grindcore-powerviolence from Tenerife and Under Vultures grindcore-death metal from Madrid. Good sound, good songs, and tons of violence and crazyness. You can buy it here: Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Black Sabbath - Paris 1970 (DVD)

2.Hand of doom
3.Rat salad
4.Iron man
5.Guitar intro
6.Black sabbath
8.Behind the wall of sleep
9.War pigs (rare version)
10.Fairies wear boots

According to the announcement of 2012 Black Sabbath´s reunion I let you wich is probably one of the best musical dvd ever. The mythical show in Paris when the gods just had recorded their two first albums. PURE MAGIC. I´m so happy about the good news!!! 

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Moksha - Sang De Roure (2011)

01.- Sang De Roure
02.- Esgarriat
03.- Humanitat Podrida
04.- Cavalgant La Corda Fluixa
05.- Corre I Caure Caure I Recarure
06.- L'Antidot
07.- El Bastó
08.- Corrupció I Màfia
09.- La Puta Ruiina
10.- El Sot

Absolutely brutal new album of the catalans Moksha. Sang De Roure (Oak´s Blood) is his 5th full length work and it sounds, heavier, darker and more crushing than ever. Ugh!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Graviter - Myopia (2011)

1.Inversion 08:28
2.Obscured 06:29
3.Cause and Effect 07:00
4.Sink Beneath 05:08
5.Moments of Indecision 08:03
6.Ripple 05:47
7.Myopia 06:14

From New Zeland arrives this fantasic first album of Gaviter, some kind of dark and melancholic rock stuff. These guys are clearly followers of Opeth and Katatonia in their last periods, but with his own personality, so you know what you´re gonna find in it. Enjoy it!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pigsty - Planet Of The Pigs (2009)

1. Inspection Report
2. Brand-New Dawn
3. Untranslatable
4. Time Has Come
5. Demon Alcohol
6. Santa's Last Ride
7. Just A Playground
8. Pure Business
9. It's Too Easy
10. Reborn 

Brutal and very accesible album of grindcore with some touches of groove metal. Insane as the style demands! Enjoy it.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

:Of The Wand And The Moon: - The Lone Descent (2011)

1. Sunspot
2. Absence
3. A Pyre Of Black Sunflowers
4. Tear It Apart
5. We Are Dust
6. A Tomb Of Seasoned Dye
7. Is It Out Of Our Hands?
8. Watch The Skyline Catch Fire
9. The Lone Descent
10. Immer Vorwarts
11. A Song For Deaf Ears In Empty Cathedrals

I´m not used to listening neofolk, but this album since the first listening it seemed to me fantastic. For sure, one of the surprises of this year. Taste it!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cynic - Carbon-Based Anatomy EP (2011)

01. Amidst The Coals  2:14
02. Carbon-Based Anatomy  6:34
03. Bija!  2:30
04. Box Up My Bones  5:41
05. Elves Beam Out  4:05
06. Hieroglyph  2:31

The brand new EP of the progressive masters is here. They follow the way of his last EP, it means that the progressive sounds are the stars in this work, leaving aside the extrem parts of his beginings. Personally I love both periods, so I´m enjoying this little taste awaiting for a new full lenght album.

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