Sunday, October 30, 2011

Negurâ Bunget - Focul Viu (DVD) (2011)

01. Primul OM
02. Wordless Knowledge
03. Intro Bruiestru + Cunoaşterea Tăcută
04. IIII
05. Al Locului
06. Norilor
07. Hora Soarelui
08. Cel Din Urmă Vis
09. II + III
10. Văzduh
11. Ţesarul De Lumini 

My friends, today I proudly offer to you the complete DVD ( dvd9 not dvdrip) of the most creative an outstanding black metal band at the present. The romanians Negurâ Bunget recorded his first live album, Focul Viu (live fire), at Bukarest 2008, with an excellent quality of audio and video. A tracklist mainly based in his two last albums, N´Crugu Bradului and Om, played by the original line-up, will make us enjoy this work as never. A romanian jewell that everybody must have. Highly recommended!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Morkobot - Morbo (2011)

1. Ultramorth  7:31
2. Orkotomb  3:38
3. Orbothord  3:52
4. Oktrombo  4:43
5. Mor  9:45
6. Oktomorb  3:21
7. Obrom  3:53

When I heard this record my first thought was: Zu. Well after a few listenings I have to say that sometimes this becomes even more weird an experimental than them, but they are still keeping closer his sound. Add some of Primus to the equation as well and you´ll have the spawn! Good, good, good!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ghoul - Transmission Zero (2011)

1. The Lunatic Hour 04:06
2. Off With Their Head 03:16
3. Destructor 03:05
4. Death in the Swamp 01:34
5. The Mark of Voodoo 02:52
6. Brain Jerk 04:30
7. Blood Feast 03:43
8. Morning of the Mezmetron 08:17
9. Transmission Zero 03:29
10. Tooth and Claw 02:28
11. Metallicus Ex Mortis 02:29

A rare way to mix death metal, thrash and rock and roll. It´s sounds familiar but not the same as always. Interesting stuff. Good videoclip by the way. Give them a chance.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Smohalla - Résilience (2011)

1. Quasar 03:31
2. Au Sol Les Toges Vides 07:38
3. Le Repos Du Lezard 05:10
4. Oracle Rouge 04:27
5. Marche Silencieuse 05:13
6. L’homme Et La Brume 06:50
7. Aux Mille Dieux 05:53
8. Nos Sages Divisent 06:45

Certainly an unorthodox work of black metal, with a symphonic and progressive sound. Maybe not a masterpiece, but it´s a very interesting stuff anyway. Enjoy it!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Ruins Of Beverast - Enchanted By Gravemould (2011)

1. The Desert Lair
2. The Moselle Enigma
3. Hours Of The Aequinox
4. Enigma Of The Absolute
5. To Have And To Hold
6. Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium

After the fantastic "foulest semen and sheltered elite" album, here we have a compilation of old recordings. Interesting way to see the black metal. Hard listening, but it´s worth!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trembling Blue Stars - The Last Holy Writer (2007)

01. By false lights
02. Idyllwild
03. Sacred music
04. This once was an island
05. The coldest sky
06. Schnee gletscher glas
07. November starlings
08. Darker, colder, slower
09. From a pale blue rosary
10. Say goodbye to the sea
11. The tenth of always
12. A statue to Wilde

Sixth album of Trembling Blue Stars. A work mostly full of sadness and melancholy moments, with an oniric sound, mix of synth pop and electronica. Good record for those moments of stillness and tranquillity. Highlight for "sacred music".

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Kartikeya - Durga Puja EP (2011)

01. Durga Puja 05:27
02. Enter My Dome´2011 03:30
03. Nemesis (Acoustic Version) 03:45
04. The Path (Live) 04:35
05. Triangular Tattvic Fire (Melechesh Cover) 04:00
06. Arise (Sepultura Cover) 02:50

Interesting new EP of this unknown band to me. They´re like if you mix the math metal of Meshuggah, with the ethnic sound of bands as Melechesh and the solo works of Karl Sanders. With an excellent production and a couple of good covers I think that this is a very good begining to introduce these guys. Enjoy it.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vallenfyre - Desecration EP (2011)

1. Desecration 05:05
2. Iconoclast 03:35

Short EP for this new superband. Check the line up out:
Gregor Mackintosh (Paradise Lost), Hamish Glencross (MY Dying Bride), Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates/Paradise Lost), and Scoot (Doom). It´s the swedish sound that all of us know, but it sounds really good. Waiting for their new album (A Fragile King) due for release on november.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Sólstafir - Svartir Sandar (2011)

Disc 1: Andvari
1. Ljós í Stormi
2. Fjara
3. Þín Orð
4. Sjúki Skugginn
5. Æra
6. Kukl

Disc 2: Gola
1. Melrakkablús
2. Draumfari
3. Stinningskaldi
4. Stormfari
5. Svartir Sandar
6. Djákninn

This is one of those bands that years ago started to play black metal and today, as Ulver or Manes did,  his sound has evolved to something very diferent. This album is a continuation of Köld or better said, a step forward in his music. Very interesting album for a very interesting band. I´m sure that it will be one of the best of this year.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pantera - Nosatsu EP (1998)

4.New Level
5.Psycho Holiday
6.Primal Concrete Sledge

Live in Japan in 1994, but the record was released in 1998. For Pantera´s fans, an oddity with a very good sound quality. Some of their classics  performed with the energy of live. Enojy it.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Peter Murphy - Ninth (2011)

01 Velocity Bird
02 Seesaw Sway
03 Peace To Each
04 I Spit Roses
05 Never Fall Out
06 Memory Go
07 The Prince & Old Lady Shade
08 Uneven & Brittle
09 Slowdown
10 Secret Silk Society
11 Creme De La Creme

After seven years without an album, here we have his 8th studio work. Nothing new, just good music. If you know him you know what can you expect, if you don´t, taste it... A guy with class.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Fucking Wrath - Valley Of The Serpent´s Soul (2011)

1.) The Question
2.) Rebellious Axe
3.) Swan Song of a Mad Man
4.) Altar of Lies
5.) Blank Slate
6.) The Neurodyssey I.) Valley of the Serpent’s Soul II.) Caverns of Fire III.) Endless Black Flags
7.) Grandelusion
8.) Goddess of Pain

And here we go again... The Fucking Wrath from California offers us a very good work where you can find metal, rock, hardcore, sludge... with a powerful production, a "metallic" cover artwork and 8 tacks to headbang ´till death. The show must go on!

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