Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seven That Spells - Future Retro Spam (2010)

1.- Olympus 8:44
2.- G 8:24
3.- Terminus East 5:03
4.- The Abondoned World Of Automata 14:30
5.- Death Star Narcolepsy 9:42
6.- Quetzalcoaltl 3:06

Crazy work of psychedilc rock and jazz -jam spirit. If I had to describe this album in one work I´d say acid! Besides they incorporate a saxo, wich is always a very interesting thing and gives to the music that touch...
Delicious piece of music!

*link in comments



  2. gracias!, supongo que es un ripeo con mas calidad que el que tenía en mi blog, si es así cambio mi enlace por el tuyo con tu permiso

  3. Sírvete eraser. Es a 320kbps.
    un saludo.


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