Friday, January 20, 2012

The attack to Megaupload

As you know, I had all my links at Megaupload, so they are all dead. Despite this treacherous attack to want I understand that is our freedom, I can say only that this blog will continue ahead. I will find other servers, and the music will keep going around for everyone. From my indignation, a warm regards.


  1. Hey man, that is shit. My links are all on mediafire and I am expecting the worse.

  2. It appears that the music "industry" (a misnomer if ever there were one) simply cannot cope with the current state of music distribution. If SOPA/PIPA are signed into law, it would put any site with user-generated content in the cross-hairs, thus rendering a significant chunk of the internet useless, or at least severely disabled. What the Powers That Be fail to recognize is that they can't shut the door on file sharing, and that actual piracy differs from what blogs of our ilk set out to do.

    At this point, it's like a hydra: cut off one head and two more spring up in it's place. While some view music sharing as stealing from the artist, what do they think record labels are doing, considering the track record for several labels for ripping off bands? The current alternatives offered are laughable, and it will be an ongoing debate as to how to rectify the situation, but for now it's still too vague and ominous to say how things will go. In any case (cue the Conan soundtrack): MEGAUPLOAD IS LAW.

  3. i love your blog and hope you'll find a way to continue love from france!geremy 924

  4. Es una gran putada tio! Te recomiendo que subas los discos a multiupload como hago yo, de esa manera con una sola carga lo distribuyes a ocho enlaces diferentes. Ánimo!!

  5. Tony I think that right now multiupload is the best option to avoid these situations. Thanks man!

    Czar I´m very agree with your metaphor of the hydra. They don´t understand yet that we´re not woorried about earn money or some kind of lucrative bussiness with what we do in our blogs. Our motivation is just to share and to spread the music that we enjoy with everyone that wants to hear it. This is unstoppable.

    Geremy thanks for your words. I appreciate them so much, and don´t worry udols is not dead at all!

    karlam ya estoy utilizando multiupload, también creo q es la mejor solución, aunque eso no quita para q me hayan jodido todo lo q tenía (no solo enlaces de música). En fín grácias tío!

    Hey! thanks everyone for your support, It means a lot to me.

    1. Vamos para adelante entonces con Multicarga ...!!! Cualquier cosa nos comunicamos Udols, gracias por el apoyo en OrfeoProg y vamos para adelante con el único interés de compartir, un abrazo

  6. just the same as the megaupload:
    free reg, very fast, and you can transfer your files from 4 to 14 uploading places.

  7. Oh this is neat. I was actually worried this blog (which I visit every so often) would disappear. Great to know you keep it up since I discovered many good bands here.

  8. thanks for your words Frozen I really appreciate them. Keep watching!


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