Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Soulsavers-Broken (2009)

1. The Seventh Proof (instrumental)
2. Death Bells (Mark Lanegan & Gibby Haynes)
3. Unbalanced Pieces (Mark lanegan & Mike Patton)
4. You Will Miss Me When I Burn (Mark Lanegan & Red Ghost)
5. Some Misunderstanding  (Mark lanegan)
6. All the Way Down (Mark Lanegan)
7. Shadows Fall (Mark Lanegan & Ritchie Hawley)
8. Can’t Catch the Train (Mark Lanegan)
9. Pharaoh’s Chariot (Mark Lanegan & Jason Pierce)
10. Praying Ground (Red Ghost)
11. Rolling Sky (Mark Lanegan & Red Ghost)
12. Wise Blood (instrumental)
13. By My Side (Red Ghost)

Do you know when you listen an album, and doesn´t mean much at first time, then it get lost and keep forgotten for a while? Then a while after you recover and listen again the album and everything changes. And what a change! This is pure magic. Robert Machin and Ian Glover, the brains of the creature, are surrounded by an impressive collection of collaborators: Mike Patton (Faith No More), Will Oldham (Palace Brothers), Jason Pierce (Spiritualized), Righard Hawley and Gibby haynes (Butthole Surfers), Rosa Agostino (a.k.a Red Ghost), and of course Mark Lanegan, the voice who makes that album becomes as brilliant. The whole record is sublime, but it´s worth to point some of the highlights: All the way down, You will miss me when I burn, Some misunderstanding, Shadows fall... Once again, music for the soul.

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  2. Buenísimo. Tengo sus otros dos álbumes y me parecen cojonudos, a ver que tal este.

  3. A mí este me parace un disco brillante. Si te gustaron los anteriores, con este fliparás igual.

  4. Great as always! this blog rules! bravo and thank you!


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