Monday, November 29, 2010

The Fërtility Cült - Eschatology (2010)

1. Cosmic Kaishakunin 07:46
2. Into the Sacred Grove 07:35
3. Rheopolis 10:01
4. Volkerwanderung 11:03
5. Return to the End of the Beginning 11:21

 Think about Sleep, Electric Wizard, mix them with Kyuss, and then add a saxophone... Progressive doom-stoner as a result!. The sound of the saxo fits perfectly with that kind of music, and give to it and original touch that becomes a breath of fresh air. Really nice surprise from Finland. Highly recommended.

*Link in comments



  2. Hey man! Thanks for having us on your blog! Greetings from Finland.

  3. hey! thanks for the comment and thanks for sharing your work. Good luck for the future. I hope that we can see you soon in Barcelona!

  4. This clip sounds fantastic - I will be playing this today. Thanks- there is more stuff for me to discover on your blog - very varied and interesting.

  5. Interesante...habra que catarlo.
    Suena bien el saxo, asi de primeras choca, por extraño e inhabitual pero......mira Orthodox!!!!

  6. pues sí. Están muy bién esta gente, y el saxo le da un toque progresivo muy guapo.

    gracias por los comments luis!

    p.d: el Gus me dijo q los veía verdes...^^


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