Friday, November 26, 2010

The Crystal Caravan - Against The Rising Tide (2010)

1. We’ll Always Lose 3:51
2. Love And Direction 3:33
3. Apple Hotel 5:30
4. I’m A Stone 4:06
5. Focus 4:23
6. Blues Blues 3:55
7. Take What’s Yours 3:36
8. Wrecking Ball 8:16

WTF?! Sweden again? And again a fucking masterpiece! Seriously, this is a delicious work of psychedelic hard rock. Here we have the references of the all classics (everybody knows of what I´m talking about...). This record have strength, good taste, and feeling, tones of feeling!!! Directly to the top 5 of this year.

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  2. pintaza, si señor. pabajo now!! gracias tio!


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