Monday, February 27, 2012

Zeppheroin - The Atrocity Exhibition (2011)

1.- Day of nine dogs
2.- Life is pain
3.- Stoned angel
4.- Lenon mantra
5.- Junkyard god
6.- Neon gunshot
7.- The overloaded man
8.- Retro jesus
9.- Dead inside

Tony Maim, the man behind Black Insect Laughter blog, is also behind this record:
"From a template of Punk, the sonic sensibilities of Post-rock, a smattering of Electronica and an unhealthy obsession with distorted guitars, Zeppheroin have produced an album with a disregard for modern production techniques, going for the mind melting “Raw Power” needle-in-the-red style that has distressed so many lovers of sterile digital music. With a cleanish singing/shouting style that delivers the themed lyrics dealing with loss, religion, self awareness and governments in a sneer of despair, this 30 minute album delivers a sonic assault on the world we live in."

Free download from his bandcamp


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