Friday, February 17, 2012

Hogjaw - Sons Of Western Skies (2012)

1.- Spoonfed
2.- Hells Half Home Of Mine
3.- Road Of Fools
4.- Six Shots
5.- Everyone´s Giong Fishing
6.- Look To The Sky
7.- Mainstream Trucker (18 Wheeler Remix)
8.- MIdnight Run To Cleator
9.- Dirty Woman
10.- The Sum Of All Things

They´re back again! The chiefs of the new southern sound, introduces to us his third album, wich follows the steps of their lasts two works. It means, very good riff and solo guitars, fantastic vocals (a couple of songs are sung by his drummer) and the gorgeous southern feelin the wrap all the album. Also there is some new ingredients, as the funky song "everyone´s going fishing", and with some other elements that enrich the music. Highly recommended, again.

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