Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Albatros - Ursus (2011)

1.Ursus (5:41)
2.El Camino De Swann (4:42)
3.Loki (5:31)
4.La Ciénaga (7:25)
5.Rey Lombriz (3:21)
6.Icaro (10:34)
7.Planeta Prohibido (8:36)

Third album of these catalans, more progressive than their two last albums, and with a fantastic voices that remember a lot the vocal lines of the legends of the andalusian rock Triana. An album that hooks you since the first listening. Enjoy it!  

*link in comments



  2. First of all great blog my friend, I am really impressed by the fine choice of unique music you chose to present here. Totally fell in love with Albatros, unfortunately the link is dead...any chance of a re-up?


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