Monday, December 6, 2010

John Zorn - Filmworks XXI: Belle De Nature -The New Rijksmuseum (2008)

Belle De Nature
1. Masque en Sole
2. Rose
3. L'Air et les Songes
4. Fouet d'Épines
5. Elle Vient
6. Orties Cuisantes
7. Belle de Nature
8. Storage

The New Rijksmuseum
9. Conservation
10. Rendering
11. Meeting
12. Restoration
13. Construction
14. Architecture
15. Design
16. Planning
17. Completion

This the 21st part of the filmworks series, that Mr. Zorn started in 1997. Two different parts, probably Belle De Nature (an erotic short film) is one of the most inspired and brilliant soundtrack of the whole series, with highlighting amazing moments such "orties cuisantes" where Marc Ribot give us an astonishing guitar solo of an impressive deepness and beauty. The second part is the soundtrack for the documentary about the dutch museum´s restoration, composed for harpischord, vibraphone, piano and percussion. A delightful work.

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  2. Joder tio, el yutú me ha encantado, voy a por el!! Gracias tron!!!!


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