Monday, April 16, 2012

King Crimson - The Power To Believe (2003)

1. The Power to Believe I: A Cappella (0:44)
2. Level Five (7:17)
3. Eyes Wide Open (4:08)
4. Elektrik (7:59)
5. Facts of Life (6:44)
6. The Power to Believe II: Power Circle (7:43)
7. Dangerous Curves (6:42)
8. Happy With What You Have to Be Happy With (3:17)
9. The Power to Believe III (4:09)
10. The Power to Believe IV: Coda (2:29)

King Crimson is one of those bands that doesn´t need introduction. With more than 40 years creating music and countless albums, this is the band that has been able to achieve the succes and the respect of all kind of musicians and fans of metal, rock, jazz, etc. All of this leading by its brain, Mr.Robert Fripp, the perfect experimenter. Because this is of what this album goes, of experimentation and evolution in music. Here there are no boundaries nor limits, just what Mr.Fripp is capable to imagine. This is not an easy listening album, King Crimson never was. This is just another step forward in its music. A little-known gem inside its discography. Enjoy these geniuses!

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  2. mr Fripp es un genio de la musica, soy un admirador de obra.

    1. Totalmente de acuerdo, es un obseso de la guitarra y de la música en general, siempre con la innovación y la experimentación por delante. Un referente.

  3. Gracias por compartir este terrible disco


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