Sunday, November 20, 2011

Onna - Onna (2009)

01.- La Cortigiana Dal Velo
02.- Enfolding Your Breasts
03.- Were You To Become A Mother
04.- Le Chat Noir
05.- La Chanson
06.- Esther´s Make Up (live 1983)
07.- Balsam And Ether (live 1983)
08.- The Swan Song (live 1983)
09.- La Cortigiana Dal Velo (live 1983)
10.- Salamander, Salamandra

Keizo Myanishi is the manga artist behind this band. Together with Michio Kurihara at guitars, they created a really tripped out psychedellic music. This album is in fact a compilation: tracks 1-3 are from a 1983 7” (track 3 being an outtake), tracks 4-5 are outtakes from the “Katawa” album [2007], tracks 6-9 are live from 1983 (feat. Michio Kurihara on guitar!!), track 10 is a solo track from the cassette-only version of “Katawa”. Totally recomened if you like the most lysergic and psychodelic sounds. An evocative trip for your senses.

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  2. Sweet blog, dude.
    Would it possible to get a reupload of this onto mediafire?


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