Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Maveth - Breath Of An Abomination (2011)

1.Of Serpent and Shadow 6:04
2.A Ritual of Flame to Flesh 6:04
3.Gateway to an Eternity of Death 5:24
4.The Cyclopean Pylons of Dis 6:40
5.Tempering Titanic Steel 0:55
6.Forge of Gadrial 4:04
7.Black Lord Titans 5:12
8.Immortal Cessation (Incantation cover) 3:30

Crushing!  Obscure! Compact as a wall of concrete! Old school death/black, with gutural voices, killing guitar riffs and a very appropriate production. One of the best death metal albums  that I ´ve heard in a long time. Absolutely brutal!

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  2. Been wanting to hear this for a while just based on the cover art, thanks for posting!


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