Monday, May 2, 2011

Integrity - The DestroyORR (2011)

1. Detonate Worlds Plague
2. Beasts As Gods
3. Sermon Thirteen
4. Orrchida
5. VVe Have Helped Others Escape
6. Allisnone
7. Lucifer Before The Day Doth Go
8. Love Is The Only VVeapon / Let The Night Roar
9. VVe Are The End / Beneath Black Flames VVe Ride
10. VVaiting For The Sun (Acoustic)
11. VVaiting For The Sun (To Burn Out My Eyes) / Black Heksen Rise
12. No Povver
13. Interview

One of my favourite hardcore bands ever. They keep their blackened hardcore sound  mixed with these heavy guitars and the characteristic raging voice of  Dwid. A pioneers inside the style. Highly recommended!

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