Sunday, February 6, 2011

David Galas - The Happiest Days Of My Life (2009)

1.-1970 2:59
2.-Glory 6:15
3.-Last Days Of  The War 6:24
4.-Sect IV 0:55
5.-Arizona 5:52
6.-Dead Days 2:29
7.-Sect V 1:23
8.-The Happiest Days Of My Life 7:16
9.-Moon Over South Mountain 4:41
10.-The Significance Of Failure 6:24
11.-Crossroads 5:13
12.-Watching Time Dies 2:07
13.-When The Thread Breaks 5:14
14.-The Happiest Days Of My Life II 4:51
15.-Sect VI 2:16
16.-The Happiest Days Of My Life III 1:52
17.-Sect VII 2:38
18.-Everyone Eventually Dies 7:02

One of the best albums that I´ve heard in a long time of melodic doom with some other influences. Don´t be afraid, it has a very good taste. The whole record is written, performed and produced by David Galas, with some collaborations in the guitar solos. Down-tempos, with clear voices that sometimes reminds me a lot to Alice In Chains, and musically closer to Type O Negative, some of Katatonia... I´ve really enjoyed that album these days. Take a look! Excellent stuff.

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  2. I was searching for that link...
    Thank's a lot, Sir!...

  3. Enjoy it, it´s a very good work. Thanks for comment.


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