Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Levitation Hex - The Levitation Hex (2012)

01. The Longest Path Possible 04:45
02. Manipular 04:05
03. Scratch a Life and Find a Thief 04:20
04. Depressedemic 05:25
05. Internal Chatter 04:59
06. A Breathing Aparatus 04:39
07. Breaking Point 06:26
08. Flirting with Schizophrenia 05:16
09. Dream Defecit 07:39

Suprising work of this new band formed by Agius (Alchemist), being a compendium of prog/psychedelic sounds, having a solid death metal base, but going far beyond that. Nine songs that can be heard as one, connected perfectly between each other, and creating a unique piece of music that goes across the intensity of death metal and the textures and soundscapes of the progressive. You must check this out!

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  2. Hi Man,

    I wonder if at some point you would have time to do a review for me?

    I am doing some articles on albums that have blown my mind and am asking people from bands/blogs to choose one.

    No deadlines or pressure - if you are too busy or do not fancy it, just say no!

    Here is my effort - as you can see, nothing too fancy!



    1. Hi Tony.
      Well first of all thanks for the offering, I appreciate it so much.
      Actually, currently I´m a little bit busy, but the proposal makes me feel excited.

      so just a few questions...
      -Can I try my own "mind blowing" record, or it´s one of yours?
      -It´s just one article, or are several?
      -I´m not sure when I could do, so it could take time...
      -and... as you have seen in my posts, my english leaves a lot to be desired, so I don´t know if I will be up to the task...

      what do you think?

  3. This is just great! thanks Udols!


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