Sunday, August 7, 2011

Craft - Void (2011)

1. Intro (John's Nightmare) 00:19
2. Serpent Soul 04:35
3. Come Resonance of Doom 06:28
4. The Ground Surrenders 05:52
5. Succumb To Sin 04:38
6. Leaving The Corporal Shade 07:05
7. I Want To Commit Murder 05:11
8. Bring On The Clouds 06:19
9. Void 08:29

At last!!! one of the most anticipated albums of this year, finally has arrived. After 6 years awaiting for the new spawn of Craft, finally we can enjoy it. Once again an album of high quality black metal, probably they are (together with Darkthrone) the best black metal band at the present. House brand riffs, rawness, perfect prodution and true attitude. Directly to the top 5. Ugh!

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