Saturday, June 11, 2011

Looking For An Answer - Eterno Treblinka (2011)

01. Nacer.Consumir.Morir
02. Campo de Exterminio
03. Guerra Total
04. Tapias de Cementerio
05. La Peste Roja
06. Revelacion
07. Ecoterror
08. No Compasion
09. Plaga Humana
10. Terror Carnivoro
11. Christianislam
12. Supremacia Etica
13. Cheerleaders para el Armegedon
14. Running Through the Blood
15. Esclavos
16. Estandarte de Huesos
17. Holocausto Diario 

Nowadays probably this is the best grindcore band in Europe.  Listening these guys obviously you should think in Napalm Death, Repulsion, Nausea, and all the old bands that started the style. Totally crazy, sick and rotten music. As the grindcore must be! 

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