Sunday, April 10, 2011

Keaton - Intravenous (1995)

  1. Intravenous
  2. Core
  3. Dysfunctional Generator Garden
  4. The Song On Them
  5. Sucker Wave
  6. Angry Mister Sin
  7. This
  8. Wrong
  9. Kill Me
  10. Drive God
  11. Like 
 Undoubtfully when you listen this record the first band in wich you think is Alice In Chains, but this is even more depressive and darker, and of course not just a simple copy of them. Really weird album and really hard to find it in internet. So I hope that you´ll know apreciate it as they deserve. Enjoy it!

*Link in comments


  1. FLAC files!

  2. What a phenomenal band, can you maybe re-upload this? Very hard to find indeed...


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